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Adaptation is a profound process.

It means you figure out how to thrive in the world.

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Stolen Ghost Orchid
14 August
Life's too short to be timid.
1960s, acting, adaptation, adventures, air, airplane food, alan cumming, alex lloyd, ambition, amnesty, amélie, ang lee, art, auditions, austin powers, australia, badges, beatniks, being a dag, bjork, cnet, cocktails, conan o'brien, corsets, crafting, creativity, crouching tiger hidden dragon, culture jamming, dancing, dancing like elaine, daria, david sedaris, diet coke, drama, drama geeks, dress up, dresses, duct tape, eating, eating disorders, ebay, edward norton, empathy, exploration, fiona apple, flash mobbing, friends, garbage, geeks, george, ghost world, gillian anderson, go-go boots, good memories, having fun, hooverphonic, hugs, human rights, in-jokes, innocence, intelligence, irony, japanese, japanese fashion, journalism, journeys, karaoke, karma, kitsch, laughing, lava lamps, learning, listening, love, madonna, making clothes, mary janes, michael ondaatje, mike myers, mod stuff, morcheeba, much ado about nothing, museums, music, new york city, nitin sawhney, no logo, parties, passion, people, performing, perfume, photography, photoshop, pop culture, portishead, procrastinating, psychodrama, queer as folk, queer boys, queer girls, radiohead, random acts of kindness, red dwarf, redheads, relaxing, roses, salsa dancing, self-injury, shakespeare, shaun micallef, singing, sleeping, smiling, songs, sound design, sporks, stanislavski, stars, stop starvation imagery, strawberries, summer, supreme beings of leisure, sushi, sydney, talking, the simpsons, theatre, therapy, thinking, thunderstorms, tofu, traveling, trip hop, trust, used bookstores, vespas, vintage clothes, wacky people, warm laundry, wayne's world, wit, writing, x-files, yoga, zines

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