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I'm currently in Tokyo airport, where the entire Backstreet Boys catalogue has been piping through the speakers for the last 3 hours. Oh yeah.

I got here at 5:45am local time, and my NY flight isn't until 7pm. Thus far, I have managed to pass time by sleeping sprawled across a row of seats, trying to translate various signs and brochures, and generally sitting around with a glazed look in my eyes. I'm exhausted. But the novelty of everything around me is keeping my spirits up.

I wanna be in New York! I looked up the Conan O'Brien guests for this week, and Thursday features Dolly Parton and Steve Irwin. Top-shelf, my friends. Dolly Parton was hilarious when interviewed by Rove, and Steve Irwin is inherently amusing. Me wants to go.

I have no idea what terminal I'm supposed to go to, or how to obtain a boarding pass, but I assume that 6 hours is long enough to find out.

See you on the other side.
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