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Ooh ooh, new life plan, everybody!! I think I'm going to change my degree from law to psychology! I actually agonised over this very dilemma at the beginning of the year, but for some odd reason, law won out in the end. Now I'm thinking in terms of an actual career, psychology is so much more appealing than being a pseudo-Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law. (Look at the smoking monkey, he's taking another puff!) I'd love to be a psychologist, and I think I'd be good at helping people work through their problems. Plus, studying the human mind would also be personally beneficial - it might help me unlock some of my own psychological mysteries.

AND it will help in my stellar acting career to have in-depth knowledge of the human psyche. So you see, the benefits are varied and plentiful!

My sister and I went thrifting yesterday, and this is us in our funky, cheap new get-ups...

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